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Sunday, September 30, 2012

X Marks The Spot

I'm sure that everybody reading this, no matter where they live, has been watching the UK version of The X Factor, right?  Or maybe not. Earlier this evening (or last night, for those of you in more easterly time zones)  The UK X Factor announced its top twelve contestants, including boy bands Union J and GMD3. I would say that both groups are somewhat talented. 

Now, here's where the X Factor conspiracy theorists are going to go crazy.  Union J started out as a trio known as Triple J, but were dumped at Boot Camp.  Another band that did get through Boot Camp never made it to Judge's Houses because of "visa issues."  Hmmmm. They were replaced by two boy bands: Times Red, who were subsequently dismissed, primarily because they were too old for this kind of thing, and Union J, who suddenly became a quartet with the addition of George Shelly, who initially auditioned as a solo act.

And the thing about George (or rather, Jorge, as he calls himself now, in order for his name to begin with a "J") is that even though he's only a quarter of Union J's membership, his addition to the ranks has quadrupled the group's sex appeal.  He's  divooooon.  See his truncated initial audition below.