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Monday, April 8, 2013

The Beach Party In The Sky

What?  You thought I'd be writting about Margaret Thatcher?  This is how I will always remember Annette Funicello. The Mickey Mouse Club was already a  nostalgic remnant of a long distant past when I became acquainted with it through reruns on the local afternoon kiddie show in the mid 1970s.  Truth be told, I was immune to some of her more obvious charms,  but I always liked her, and I enjoyed living vicariously through her whenever cute boys like Tim Considine went gaga over her on Mickey Mouse Club serials like Spin and Marty and Annette.  Later, she was in all those beach party movies with Frankie Avalon, which were a gas, man, but she was not really the main attraction as far as I was concerned. She was a woman of limited talent, but whether she was pushing peanut butter in TV commercials, or turning up on talk shows,  she always seemed like sweetheart, which even more that her famous bosum, must have been the key to her success.

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