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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Son Of A Beach

Last night I devoted a large chunk of viewing time to the Disney Channel's big summer event, Teen Beach Movie,  starring Ross Lynch,  the current Disney "It" boy.   Ross claims to have been "born" in Colorado,  but I'm pretty sure that he was actually developed in a test tube in one of Disney's top secret laboratories; one part sunshine, one part cotton candy, one part sex. 

I cannot, in full conscience recommend Teen Beach Movie to anyone over the age of 12 (unless you have an extra-advanced ability to turn your brain off) but at some point I found myself marveling at how terrific Ross Lynch is in this.  He proves himself to be an excellent dancer, but he's not really a great singer, or a great actor. He's an OK singer and an OK actor. But put it all together and he just pops off the screen.  He's like Mickey Rooney, except 45% less annoying and 98% better looking.  Too bad he wasn't around when Hollywood was really making musicals. He woulda been a star I tells ya, a star!

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