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Monday, November 4, 2013

Toby Regbo WIns The Week

Reign may not be the big hit of the new television season, in fact it doesn't even meet The CW's exceptionally low standards, but it must be doing something for Toby Regbo's profile, because for the past week the most viewed post on this blog, by quite a margin,  has been about him.  Not one of my more more recent posts about him, no, for that would be too logical. It is a post I wrote about him in December 2011.  

Incidentally, my first post about Mr. Regbo occurred in August 2010. At that time I had yet to see him perform, and so I was simply enamored of his pretty face.

Equally incidentally, the film that really put Toby on the map, Mr. Nobody, has finally been made available in America, even receiving a small theatrical release.  It has been available to the rest of the world, and to Americans who know where to look, since 2009.  Apart from Toby's very amply displayed charms, it is a very interesting film, and well worth a look.

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