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Friday, February 7, 2014

My Fair Hanyu

I know that it's the politically correct and morally right thing to do to ignore this year's Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia because of Putin, and the oppression of Gays,  and... I get it. But dammit, Jim, there's figure skating happening there. Figure fucking Skating,  one of the very few sports I can enjoy that doesn't involve a Speedo.  So, if I'm going to sell my soul by plunking down in front of the TV and watching NBC's Olympic coverage,  at least it was worth it.  That's because 19-year-old figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu 羽生 結弦, who, by being young, and skinny, and cute, and Asian, has already been making Auntie Vera's lady parts tingle for far too long to be appropriate, went out on the ice during the Team Figure Skating event and did a short program routine that kicked everyone's collective  ass.

Also, he's adorable.

Also, this is what he looks like with his shirt off. 

Need I say more?

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