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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Meanwhile, On YouTube...

First of all, let me point out that this video was posted three days ago and already has over a million views. For real. And what's all the fuss about? YouTube stars Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier, stripped to the waist and torturing each other with food. 

And you know, whatever.  I mean, I watched it, too, and not without some interest. But considering how easily Cameron uses the word "fag" as an insult, and how casually homophobic Nash Grier can be ("Gay rights? Nahhhh"),  it seems crazy how blatantly homoerotic this thing is.  Honestly, it is only a few pixelated genitals away from being a Japanese S&M video.  About the only thing missing is some candle wax and a round of bukkake at the end. In fact, it actually ends with a hilarious injury and a trip to the hospital. Fun!

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