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Friday, March 14, 2014

My Problem

Kristoffer Hasslevall

Callum Ball
George Elliot
The problem with me, one of my many shortcomings as a human being, is that I need to be obsessed with something, or someone, at all times.  The problem with obsession is that it can only be sustained for so long before either escalating into madness, or mellowing into a pleasant  affection.  When I started blogging here, there were so many guys on the scene who made me dizzy with lust that my job here was easy.   At the moment though, I don't have that kind of crazy google-him-every-ten-minutes feeling about anyone, which is maybe (probably) healthy, but not a lot of fun.  

Look at the three boys pictured above,  all perfectly gorgeous, all utterly worthy of an exhaustively researched, carefully curated fifty-or-more picture post. Even though I love looking at them, they don't inspire me the way I need to be inspired.  And that scares me a bit. Mother of God, is this the end of Vera?

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