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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Paddy, Still Perfect

An active thread over at Famous Male Forums has put me in mind of one of the most beautiful of the British model boys, Paddy Mitchell, he of the perfect... everything.  One of the many arcane and arbitrary rules at FMF is that models are strictly prohibited as the topic of threads in their picture forum.  Paddy is allowed, however, simply because he once appeared as a contestant on an episode of All Star Family Fortunes,  the UK version of Family Feud.  Go figure.

It's hard to believe that Paddy was on his first magazine cover five years ago. (I first wrote about him in September of 2009.)  After all that time, he remains the epitome of blond twinkdom.  But then, why not?  He's still a month shy of his twenty-first birthday. 

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