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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Few Thoughts On, And More Than A Few Pictures Of Frederico Jobim

This is 18-year-old Brazilian heart-breaker Frederico Jobim's second appearance here on the blog.  I hope you like him, because if I have anything to say about it he will be showing up here a lot.  It's difficult for me to pinpoint Frederico's appeal.  I mean, he's beautiful of course, as you'd expect any professional model to be, but not so blindingly beautiful that he seems unreal (see Sam Harwood).  I find him absolutely compelling.  His eyes are soulful, moody, at times even dangerous.  Unlike many beautiful boys, his appeal springs from a raw masculinity.  At times it's hard to believe he's so young, but even though he comes off in photos as having the gravitas of an adult,  he still has the body of a teenage boy.  If you look at his Facebook page and see the pictures of him hanging out with his high-school pals, he comes off as a goofy kid. Look at these pictures below from one of his earliest modeling gigs, braces still on his teeth, and he comes off as a child.  In his most recent work he comes off as a man, a very young man, but a man.

It's hard to predict how a career in modeling will go. There are so many factors that I'm not privy to. Reportedly, he was the boy that everyone wanted to work with at São Paulo fashion week last year, and he has jetted off to Milan for his first season there. I think he has something very special going on, and I think the sky's the limit.  I hope so.

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