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Monday, April 28, 2014

A Big Post About A Hot, Half-Naked Boy

After telling you yesterday that I was going to try and diversify my blog's content, here I am today with another great big post about a hot model.  I know, but what else can I do?  18-year-old Brit Sam Harwood has been on my radar for quite some time,  ever since he popped up on the Boys By Girls site last summer, and I've been meaning to do a comprehensive post on him since then, but whenever I got started there was always something else that grabbed my attention, like for instance the dog wanted out, or Top Chef was on, or thieves were cleaning out my checking account.  Last week, though, when I saw the same lovely picture of Mr. Harwood about ten times on my Tumblr dash,  the picture directly below, I decided that it was time to do something about it.

Here's what I have to say about Sam Harwood: He's almost too perfect.  Aside from a small scar (Or possibly birthmark) on his left cheek, which is actually quite sexy, and at any rate is almost always a victim of Photoshop,  he is absolutely flawless, the epitome of young male beauty.  Put it this way: there are people who are as beautiful as Sam Harwood, but none who are more beautiful than him. In the short time he has been modeling, while still in school, he has built up a very impressive portfolio, and I can only assume that when he starts modeling full-time, this summer, he is going to take the world by storm. I predict that he will be in modeling's top-tier by autumn. 

Much, much more after the jump.

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