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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fantasy / Reality

First, let me make this perfectly clear:  There is absolutely nothing wrong with Jesper Trip.  If a boy who looked like Jesper Trip looka were to so much as bat his eyelashes at me, no doubt I would faint dead away from the sheer joy of it.  So, this is not a criticism of Jesper, in any way.  But look at these professional photographs of him above,  and now look at the Polaroids of him below. Does that even look like the same person to you?

That's because, in the top pictures, he is groomed, made-up, carefully lit, and extensively Photoshopped to the point that the picture isn't really of him at all, but is a piece of digital artwork based upon him. In the bottom pictures he is an actual human being.  This is true of every professional picture of a model you have ever seen.  Fantasy vs. Reality.  Know the difference.

Here's a few more pictures of Jesper. The fantasy version.

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