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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Visually Similar?

Ususally, before I post a found picture on this blog, I try to find out where it came from, if I didn't already know, in order to identify the subject, and give credit and/or link back to the source of the material.  To do this I almost always kick off with a Google image search.  Sometimes it works and very often it doesn't. At best, I usually find lots of blogs that have posted the picture but don't seem to have any more idea than  I do of the picture's provenance.  Occasionally, I have found that I have already posted the picture on my own blog.

My favorite, favorite part of the Google image search is the selection of "visually similar images" they supply at the bottom of the results page, which are often so bizarrely off-base that they make me laugh. I wish I had saved it, but I once searched using a lovely black and white photo of a very beautiful shirtless male model and was told that it was visually similar to a picture of Eleanor Roosevelt. 

See the two "visually similar" photos above.  They are both pictures of human beings, and they both have trees in the background.  See?

Look at this photo:

You can see that this boy is the spitting image of this man:

I used be subscribed to the Tumblr blog of the boy below and I can't find it now, nor can I remember his name.  One of the things he did on his blog to was document his year-long journey from being quite obese to looking like he does in this picture:

He reminds Google of this:

Oh well.  But seriously, if anyone can point me toward his blog, I'll love you forever.

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