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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Whatever Turns You On

Far be it from me to tell people what they can and cannot like, but for some reason I have always thought foot fetishism was a little bit funny.  Not funny "strange," but funny "ha-ha."  And I thought it was even funnier when I learned there was a blog called Barefoot YouTubers. It just seems so... specific.  Don't get me wrong.  It is a very nicely done Tumblr blog, and it's just the ticket for people who are interested in YouTubers and their feet. Look, it's all perfectly harmless, and just because I don't really get it, so what?  I'm sure that plenty of other people do get it.  And for those who are not into feet,  but are interested in YouTubers, who as a rule are a rather photogenic lot, other parts of the YouTubers are shown as well, such as in this rather nice screen capture of "Thatcher" Joe Sugg. I don't much care about his feet, but the rest of him is pretty.

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