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Monday, September 22, 2014

Today's Singy Boy

16-year old, Jacob Whitesides is one of scores of boys who are trying to follow in the footsteps of The Biebs He Whose Name Shall Remain Unspoken by using social media to try to propel themselves into careers as legit pop stars.  Jacob, from Memphis TN, has been more successful than some and less successful than others.  His career trajectory has included a very brief, mostly unaired stint on the second season of the X Factor US, and participating in the "talent not required" MAGCON tour. (Apparently, Jacob had a rather public falling out with some of the MAGCON boys, which is a big point in his favor.)  Jacob released his first EP over the summer, all covers, all ballads, all rather bland, I'm afraid. In August he released his first original song, You're Perfect, a bouncy, uptempo track with some country flavor .  Here is the slightly awkward music video he made to go with it. He has a pleasant, if unremarkable voice, but the real reason for his following is that he is freakin' adorable. I'm not sure that he has a bright musical career ahead of him- I can't see myself actually paying for his music-  but I sure don't mind looking at him. And who knows? Maybe he will mature into a fine musician and a great singer, and change the face of pop music.   For now though, I'll just appreciate his face and hope for the best.

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