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Friday, June 26, 2015

Victory... But The Fight's Not Over

There's no question that this has been a big day.  Yesterday I saw a picture on of my own niece proudly marching in the Iowa City Gay Pride Parade, and today the Supreme Court of The United States made marriage equality the law of the land.  Honestly, I have always been of the opinion that one of the advantages of being gay is that it meant you avoided pressure to get married.  I am very happy, though, for the many couples I know who are married or planning to marry.
Not to be too much of a Gloomy Gus, but keep in mind that 1) it still is legal in many states to discriminate against LBGT people in such areas as housing, employment, etc., and 2) Vigilance is the price of Liberty.  Take a moment to celebrate, but remember, there are still mighty forces working against us.

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