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Saturday, July 4, 2015


The oily Swedish boy on the bed of bananas pictured above is Michael Westlund, the cutie-pie star of Dildorado's new video United Fruit.  Yes, you read that right, Dildorado.  The song is a catchy, bouncy earworm, and the video is the kind of thing that you expected to see in 1994, but not so much in 2015. In other words, it embraces many of the things that are awesome about gay culture, and many things that are slightly embarrassing.  In a world where there are gay people wringing their hands and worrying about gay marriage destroying gay culture, and other homosexual people debating the the very validity of gay identification, I'm glad that things like this still exist.  And frankly, I'm always happy to see hot, nearly naked guys dancing around with drag queens. It's just how I roll. 

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