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Monday, November 23, 2015

Into The Bathlands

Say what you will about Into The Badlands, the kungfuiest show on American TV,  but it delivers on two fronts: #1 Action, action, action, and #2 half-naked Aramis Knight. Viewers of last week's episode saw a shirtless (and barefoot, if that's your groove) Aramis in about 70% of his screen time, and last night's episode had him strip down for a nice hot bath under the ministrations of the evil (or nah?) Widow, and her not-at-all evil, but equally bad-ass daughter.  And it was totally not gratuitous! Totally! (This post, however? Gratuitous as Hell.)

Side note- Into The Badlands' lead actor, Daniel Wu is 41years old, but doesn't seem to have aged a bit since the first time I saw him, in 1999's Hong Kong action flick Gen-X Cops. He has a very pleasing body, and he does manage to get his shirt off, although not nearly as often as Aramis does, and even then he is seldom as blatantly on display. Why is that?

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