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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Monthly Sergey Post

In what seems to be a new tradition here at Vera's, allow me to present a new batch of photos of the Ukrainian wunderkind, Sergey Briskuk.  I'm not saying that I'm totally obsessed with him and need to know everything there is to know about him, but prompted by the recent story about him on, I set out on a little sleuthing mission.  Even though Sergey, who seems to be using Sergio as his professional name, remains a man of mystery, I was able to find out that he is still a few months short of his seventeenth birthday, which didn't come as a total surprise. The surprising thing I learned was that he is an equilibrist (look it up) and used to work for a circus. At least, that's what says, and why would they lie? For someone who isn't even modeling full time yet (because he's still in high school,  lord help us) he seems to be quite prolific. Expect to find more of him around here, maybe next month?

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