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Thursday, October 13, 2016

All Andrei, All The Time

Does it seem as if this blog is about to become a tribute site to 16-year-old Romanian model Andrei Dobrin?  Don't worry, that's not about to happen, but since young Andrei was chosen by as their Model of the Week, and because I admire him so,  I felt an urge to post him again, even though he was the subject of my last post. Quite a beauty is our Andrei, even though I often wish I could take him out and feed him a few hamburgers.  I suspect that he's the type who can eat anything and never gain weight, but I like him too much to hold that against him.

Just a note to my regular readers, if in fact I still have any of those, by way of explaination for my somewhat sporadic posting schedule:  I am currently rehearsing a musical in which I have a rather large role, and my computer time is limited. On top of that, I have been a bit obsessed with the upcoming American shit storm election, and have found myself spending a lot of the time I usually spend prowling the Internet for hot guys, reading every political site I can find.  This, too will pass, but until that time, please bear with me.  I suspect that my current schedule will be in full effect until around Christmas

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