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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Cheer Up

It has been two days after the US election, and 80% of the people I know are still walking around in a stupor, occasionally bursting into tears, so I thought, as a way to cheer folks up, I'd remind them that on the other side of the world this guy is still walking around looking like that. 

Monday, November 7, 2016

One-Handed Reading

If you are looking for something to read that is a good, hot time, I am going to recommend a series of erotic novels by Zack (aka Roger Kean and Oliver Frey) called The Boys of Imperial Rome.  Currently, the series consists of three volumes:Deadly Circus of Desire,The Satyr of Capri,and Wrath of Seth.  Set in 108 AD, these novels are a highly readable mix of history, mystery, political intrigue, and guy on guy action.  It's as if The Hardy Boys time-traveled to ancient Rome, and were doing each other, minus the incest.  The books remind me of the illustrated chapter books of my childhood, with the text, which stands on its own, supplemented by dozens of illustrations. It just happens that the gorgeous, sexy illustrations by the great Oliver Frey, are mostly of young men having sex with each other. Is this porn? Yeah, I suppose it is, but it's really fun porn, and Roger Kean does a terrific job hanging the erotic elements on an engaging story, with likable protagonists, hiss-able villains,  and well-researched history. Me likey.