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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Happy Returns (Part 1)

It seems to many, your host included, that the Annus horribilis known as 2016 has done nothing but take things away from us, but it turns out that the year has not been a complete wash, and among the bright spots have been a few things, thought to be long gone, that have risen from the grave like a cat in a Stephen King novel. Like that zombie cat, resurrected things are seldom exactly the same as they
were before their initial demise.  On the other hand...

I probably don't need to tell the readers of this blog that between 1996 and 2008 XY was the magazine for gay teen boys and (as is constantly pointed out by those who consider it a dirty little secret) those who love them. Despite its exemplary newsstand sales, various market forces, including advertiser's belief that gay teens aren't a real demographic, along with the bizarre notion that it is OK to be a gay teen as long as you don't have any sexual desires, forced it out of business, and its assets were ignominiously liquidated.  A few years ago the original editorial team took a shot on a new magazine called B, which was an exact replica of XY, but that lasted only three issues. 

A few months ago I was shocked to learn that XY is back, and even more shocked to receive a letter offering me a free subscription in lieu of the issues of B that I paid for but never received. The magazine arrived just a few days later.

So, here's the thing: The new XY is almost exactly the same as the old XY. Perhaps the boys are slightly less twinky. There are definitely more tattoos on display. Other than that though, it is still exactly the same magazine that you remember. Now, the question is, do print magazines still have relevance in 2017 and beyond? That remains to be seen, but I hope so.

XY 50 is available here, and at newsstands (if you can find one) everywhere.

Below are a few classic XY covers.

Randy Harrison, out  star of Queer as Folk (US) and one of the few celebrity cover stars.

Nick Carter's cover and the Backstreet Boys interview within was quite a surprise.
Cover by Toby Bluth, Disney illustrator and gay erotic artist of the 1970s.

And here are a few images from the notorious, once-forbidden Colton "I'm totally not gay, don't even suggest it or I'll sue, oh wait I totally am" Haynes issue. 

And this is probably my all-time favorite XY image. 

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