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Friday, September 15, 2017

Now Streaming On My TV

None of the English language sites that discuss and stream South Korean television shows can decide what to call  최고의 한방. Choices include: The Best HitHit The Top, The Big Blow,  several others.  Everybody agrees, however, that the 20-year-old beauty pictured above is 김민재, a name which anglicizes into Kim Min Jae. I approve.


  1. The hero is now become a traitorous trader. He monetarily ounces a cute guyboy & fails in love. He wants to weigh him "in" with silver (and a tiny bit of gold). Using the ancient Chinese secret of one to get two, (an Irish gypsy thing, too, but, never ming that here), & he gets the guyboy to do his thiung, 김민재, as we see here.

  2. Do figure that he is may be a Street Animal, half wild, and NOT a WILD otherama, not a feral, which is / are a differemtia. Otherwise, he might not survive any claw scrapes. That is, he is gets a Korean name for a sort of [Mild, able to tame] Wild Cat. {Thirty different names in English for such all animaline local arounds (as different from the actual wildereen, such which many live inside house walls, not in any ones lap. ).} Another meaning is WILD Soldier, not a "mere" soldier. [ HUMAN wild ok and is different from animaline wild, though is of use for emphasis, as we also do.][etc] SCRATCH SCRATCH

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